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Why Go All In?

Our air, water, climate, and health are under attack. NRDC All In is a new community for activists like you who are passionate about stopping the Trump administration’s dangerous environmental assaults. 

Together, we’re taking action online and offline in our own communities to protect our national monuments, support clean air and clean water initiatives, and advocate for issues ranging from safe drinking water to saving our coasts.

Join us in NRDC All In to:

  • Connect with activists like you who are passionate about taking real-world action against President Trump's and Congress's attacks on the environment
  • Meet other people near you and organize local resistance events, town hall meetings, and grassroots meetups
  • Share actionable ideas, access new resources, and get support when you need it from people like you

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NRDC All In is our campaign to turn the energy and passion of thousands of NRDC and NRDC Action Fund supporters into real, on-the-ground action to stop the anti-environment attacks by President Trump and Congress.

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